Our belief is that self-confidence is at the root of all successful learning

As one of London’s leading tutorial companies, Charlton Dhew works with students to achieve their full potential, both academically and personally.

Charlton Dhew works with students of all ages and abilities. Recent success stories include home schooling for three boys to prepare them for their upcoming GCSE exams; homework support for a student whose confidence levels had led to a certain amount of demoralisation, and a mentoring programme for a final-year university student requiring support through their exams and dissertation.

With a proven track record in students achieving the highest grades and acceptances into some of the country’s top schools, Charlton Dhew believe their unique approach has allowed students to not only rise to their full academic potential, but to also develop a true, life-long love of learning.

Ultimately, private tutoring is about the one-to-one experience and with any child or young adult this is often a sensitive process. Charlton Dhew has a strong commitment to ensuring that this experience is made as enjoyable and inspiring as possible, imbuing the student with confidence and a passion that allows them to move forward independently.